About Firework Writing

Founded in 2011 by Ashley Sweren, Firework Writing is a consultancy providing impeccable editorial services to businesses in need.

Firework can give your ideas a voice or your work a final polish. The company specializes in corporate marketing writing, copyediting, and online content creation with a focus on search engine optimization.

About Ashley Sweren (nee Timiraos)

I am a freelance writer and editor with strong creative skills and technical knowledge of grammar/style.

I first picked up my red pen 15 years ago as an editor for my college newspaper – Actually, it was a blue pen then in those days of wax paste-up production! I joined the professional workforce in the late dot-com heydays, enjoying the bustle of my job in high-tech PR.

After a few years, the red pen beckoned again, and I joined the Editorial Services department of one of Silicon Valley’s top public relations firms. In that role I copyedited and quality-checked all of the company’s outbound documents. I authored countless documents for clients – from press releases to bylined articles to website copy. I spearheaded the agency’s awards program, resulting in 75+ award wins in 5 years. I learned to write HTML and managed the company’s web presence, including site development and maintenance. I became interested in SEO and led the company’s SEO initiative, increasing site traffic by 41 percent.

In 2011, I made the daring leap to self-employment. As the founder of Firework Writing, I’ve enjoyed a new level of flexibility that’s enabled greater creativity and personal satisfaction. I enjoy what I’m doing, and I think it shows in my work! I’ve had the opportunity to work with interesting companies on a myriad of projects. I’ve written blog posts about choosing the pile of carpet that best meets your lifestyle, whitepapers on tackling the high costs of health insurance, and press releases on the best local technology companies. I’ve edited internal marketing reports and press releases on the latest semiconductor technology. I’m comfortable working on pieces on topics from microchip clock speed to minestrone soup recipes to alternatives for existing DUI legislation on a national level.

I am a connoisseur of marshmallows and an eagle-eye at estate sales. I met my husband at a karaoke bar. My Keurig and I have a codependent relationship. When I’m not reading for work, I love to get wrapped up in a thrilling murder mystery novel. 

For more info on my background, check out my LInkedIn profile