Freelance Writer

Firework Writing has created a myriad of business documents addressing an array of industries from tech to medical to transportation. After a quick sourcing session, Firework can hit the ground running, handling any additional necessary research independently. Firework always delivers its drafts on time and works with clients through the revision process to ensure the final document meets their needs.

Firework can tackle any writing job. We offer a specialized press release writing service and a corporate blog ghostwriting service in addition to the services below:  

  • Copywriting
  • Marketing collateral
  • Product fact sheets
  • Corporate backgrounders
  • Corporate style guides
  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Press releases
  • Whitepapers
  • Contributed articles
  • Position papers
  • Award submissions
  • PowerPoint presentations

Corporate Blog Writing Services 

A corporate blog is something most every business wants to have. It provides a great forum to interact with target audiences and showcase the corporate personality – not to mention the tremendous SEO opportunities blogging provides. But frankly, very few companies have the resources to do this well. Delivering regular content that is engaging and reflects the brand voice is difficult to do.

That’s where Firework comes in. Firework can meet with your executives to mine for content and get a feel for their personal styles. Firework will ghostwrite your blog posts, taking into account the bylined author’s unique voice and personality. With just a quick blessing from the author and marketing team, you can have fresh blog content on a regular basis without over-taxing your executives or employees.

We use this same process for writing contributed articles. In fact, many times Firework can stretch a number of original written pieces from a simple meeting or phone conversation.

Press Release Writing Services 

Though the Internet has and still is changing the way the media and many marketing departments operate, the press release remains a “necessary evil” in a lot of cases. A successful press release employs brevity and a journalistic style while using the keywords that ensure it will catch the attention of your target audiences. Firework offers a specialized service for press release writing, guaranteeing quick turnaround and adoption of your desired messaging.